A Cool Prescription Pair for Less Than 100 Bucks? This Online Glasses Retailer is a Game-changer.

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Buying a new pair of glasses isn’t clear-cut. First, you have to somehow choose from an entire wall’s worth of selections, and then wait what seems like forever for the pair to arrive.

What’s more, prescription glasses can end up costing hundreds of dollars even with insurance. And for those who just need reading glasses, the quality found in local stores and pharmacies is lackluster at best.

With those issues in mind, online glasses retailer EyeBuy Direct was born.

“I founded the company on the belief that quality eyewear should be accessible, and more importantly affordable, to everyone,” said founder Roy Hessel. “The ability to see shouldn’t be held at a premium when it’s such an integral part of our daily lives.”

A few years in, EyeBuy Direct has become the go-to spot for those looking for prescription, reading and blue-light glasses, as well as sunglasses. And we can see why: EyeBuy Direct’s glasses are usually less than $100 with lenses included. EyeBuy Direct doesn’t accept insurance, but the prices still remain some of the lowest we’ve seen.

The retailer has an incredibly vast collection — and they’ll help you pick the right pair.

A style quiz offers suggestions for designs you might like. And a virtual try-on feature allows you to use your device’s camera to see what different glasses would look like when on.

Once you choose the style you’re digging, you have the choice of four lenses: reading, distance, multifocal and non-prescription. Basic lenses cost $7 and advanced lenses cost $31. Reading lenses are free.

For a select time, you can buy one pair and get one 50% off (including lenses). There are also tons of stylish frames on sale, below:

Rectangular frames

Ideal for those with round or oval faces, rectangular frames look sophisticated and classy. To intensify the shape, choose a thicker frame with a dark color like brown or black (tortoiseshell can add further dimension).

Round frames

Timeless round frames give off a young and fresh look. They work well for people with square or heart-shaped faces.

Cat-eye frames

Fun and funky, cat-eye frames are always a conversation starter and perfect for free-spirited, adventurous people.


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