How can You Keep Secure Your Peepers from Blue Light in Lockdown?

Homebound doesn’t mean to lockdown all activities like education and other private organization. In the beginning, everyone was fretting, but most people are enjoying it because of controlling many situations.

While most people are waiting for getting over the lockdown as they don’t know about the digital world. Lockdown life to combat COVID-19 has closed all of us to a digital screen.

For this reason, 3m f9800 is an ideal piece that will protect your eyes from the digital world.Many people are still unaware of the bad effects of blue light on eyes. All digital devices emit dangerous rays that are very harmful to the eyes' health. 

Now, most people are spending their large portion of time in front of the screen. So, eye protection from digital rays has become essential. Let’s come to know that how can breakdown the chain of hazards rays in simple ways.

Why Blue Light is Harmful to the Eyes?

First of all, you should know why blue rays are harmful to the eyes. Blue rays enter into the eye’s cornea, access to the retina, and will damage retina cells that are light sensitive.

On the other hand, it increases the risk of macular degeneration which leads to blindness in some extreme cases. Therefore, if you wear 3m f9800 before staring screen, you create a safe shield between your eyes and blue lights.

Why Blue Blocker Lenses Are Essential Against Blue Light?

An increasing rate of time in front of the screen is equal to get a high amount of blue light. No one has no option to spend their time without digital devices.

But people don’t recognize that an excessive number of blue rays lead to eye strain and stress as well. Probably, you might observe that your child has to squint his eyes for focusing on something.

They have watery eyes or might have blurry vision. All these symptoms are related to digital strain. Many people avoid wearing safety glasses except regular wearer while sitting in front of a computer screen.

But their negligence will impact on their vision permanently. So, all these people must use blue blocker lenses for the prevention of blue light.

These blue clocker eyeglasses have a special coating that doesn’t allow the excessive amount of light. Besides, they also protect eyes from glare that can affect the retina.

How can You Filter Blue Rays on the Digital Screen?


  •          New computers have an option of a blue-ray filter, but not all systems. Some people just adjust the brightness through the control system, but it is not possible.
  •          If your digital system hasn’t any blue light filter, installed it, and prevent your eyes from nasty blue rays.
  •          Several screen covers are present in the market that you can take help from them.
  •          If you are not interested in all options, go with the safety eyewear with blue blocker lenses. Moreover, if you already wear prescription glasses, consult your eye doctor for this problem.

Simple Hacks for Combating Blue Rays with Computer Screen:

  •          Never try to set your system that you have to face window or door light.
  •          Avoid to switch on your table lamp near the monitor.
  •          Prevent your screen from an excessive amount of light because it will affect your eyes. Bright light creates a disturbance in focusing on the screen.
  •          Adjust your computer screen brightness according to your room light or workplace. The white screen should match with white room walls for excellent results.



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