Too Many Chinese children need Eyeglasses

China`s leader Xi Jinping started a Call to action this week. It is considered that too many children across country need eyeglasses and government need to take action. The reason behind this is video games. There is new trend that happened to take place in China that lots of kids eyewear are playing video games. Because of the Chinese President`s call to action made a billion of dollars being wiped out from the market value of the world`s largest gaming company. It happened on Friday when the market shares of Tencent, a leading game publishing company, went down as government took action that these games are reducing nearsightedness of children across the country. On Thursday, government authorities took action against this issue and on Friday the shares of the company went down. Not only this, some of the leading Japanese game publishing companies such as Capcom, Konami and Bandai Namco also faced a fall in their shares as well.
The connection between screen time and nearsightedness, while famously held, involves proceeding with contemplate among researchers. A 2015 report by the World Health Organization referred to inquire about showing that astigmatism was identified with less time invested outside and more energy doing exercises, for example, perusing, contemplating and concentrating on screens.
Chinese state media on the other day blamed that these video games are making young kids addictive and they could not perform well in their schools and other tasks. Referring to the event when a 17 years old Chinese boy died because he played a video game for straight 40 hours. Many other events like this pointed out the need of this action that video games are the reason children need eyeglasses frames.
Tencent has become very famous in the past few years and it has gathered developers around the world. The company is also a creator of some of the influential games like League of Legends and Clash of Clans also Tencent is the owner of stake in Epic Games which creator of blockbuster Fortnite. Tencent also operates the Chinese messaging app, WeChat. Through this app the company manages smartphone payments that are now used make all kind of transactions throughout the country. The subsequent arrangement, issued on Thursday by the Ministry of Education, guides China's media controller to restrict the quantity of new amusements endorsed for dissemination, despite the fact that it doesn't propose a particular breaking point. It additionally urges the controller to investigate measures to restrict the measure of time minors can spend playing recreations, and to think about a framework for rating diversions for age fittingness.


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