About Us

EYEWEB as one of the oldest eyeglasses retailers understands its duty that people should know about the issues they face in their daily life related to their eyes. So, we at EYEWEB decided to make a platform where we will discuss possibly every aspect or issue that you may find in your daily life or you are facing right now. Sometimes people do not know about the basic facts about what is right for their health and what is wrong and sometimes people do not know what to do about a certain issue. The purpose of Eyeglasses.News is to provide you the necessary information you need that may help you in some issues that you may face if you wear online eyeglasses. People who wear prescription eyeglasses have to face multiple issues wither they wear their eyeglasses all the time. Is it good to wear your prescription eyeglasses all the time? Is it bad for your vision or good? These are the types of issues that people with eye issues have to face. But we are all set to discuss these issues and you are all welcome to suggest us more topic that we should bring to light.